Berlin Arrival Support

Help Ukrainian Refugees


The Berlin Arrival Support (formerly also known as Berlin Welcome Team) is a volunteer initiative established at the very beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to assist Ukrainian refugees mainly at the arrival stations of Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof (ZOB) and Berlin Südkreuz.

Berlin Arrival Support volunteers coordinate donations and donors to source much-needed relief supplies for the often exhausted and sometimes destitute refugees arriving in Berlin. They also organize accommodation, give advice and comfort.
In addition, the volunteers fight for the recognition of the special needs of vulnerable groups and minorities such as children, LGBTQ++, refugees without Ukrainian citizenship and women.

The volunteers of Berlin Arrival Support organize the necessary supplies exclusively via

  • Please click on the stations listed below to see what is needed where.
  • Please always check items before revising and completing the ordering process (like in an online shop).
  • Please do not bring anything that is not on the list.

If you have any questions, please contact:
If you need assistance, you can also join our Telegram support group:
❗️Die Kinderecke am HBF, die von Sodiza betreiben wurde, hat nun geschlossen. Darum findet Ihr auch keinen Spendenaufruf mehr für Kindersachen auf der Liste für den HBF / Kids corner at HBF operated by Sozdia has closed. That is the reasons you do not find things for kids at the list for HBF anymore.

❗️Der Hygienestand am HBF wird nicht mehr durch Berlin Arrival Support, sondern durch die Berliner Stadtmission betrieben. Spenden von Hygieneartikeln können am HBF nicht mehr angenommen werden. Die Spendenbrücke am Tempelhofer Feld nimmt weiterhin Hygieneartikel an. / The hygiene stand at HBF ist not run by Berlin Arrival Support anymore, but by Berliner Stadtmission. Donations of hygiene products cannot be handed in at HBF anymore. Spendenbrücke at Tempelhofer Feld still accepts donations of hygiene products.